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KeepMusic is committed to developing a professional and powerful YouTube Music converter, providing users with the best streaming service solutions. KeepMusic can help users who from all over the world download their favorite music, podcasts, albums, playlists, etc. from YouTube Music to their local computers, and transfer them to different mobile devices to get the best listening experience.

Are you a satisfied user of KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter? Do you want to share your experience with others and help users around the world better understand KeepMusic and help KeepMusic build an online presence? If yes, we invite you to post your honest opinion or feelings about KeepMusic YouTube Music converter and win a free license for at least 10 days. .

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All you need now is to share your positive feedback on our website, social media, or review platforms. Following verification, we are happy to offer you a complimentary 10-30 day trial of our product to continue experiencing its benefits.

3 Ways to Win KeepMusic Free License

Method 1. Share your experience on Trustpilot

If you have used our products and got a good experience, you are welcome to share your experience on Trustpilot so that KeepMusic can reach more users who can benefit from it.

1. Go to Trustpilot and sign up.

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If you are an active Facebook member with more than 500 fans, you can win a free license by sharing your experience on the social network.

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Method 3. Make a 90-second or longer video and publish it on YouTube

If you are good at making videos or being a YouTube blogger, we welcome you to get a free license by recording tutorial videos or product feature reviews for KeepMusic.

• Show product page/KeepMusic homepage in the video.

• The video should be a how-to guide or product function review, and the video should be more than 90 seconds.

• Include at least one link from in the description, such as the homepage, the download center, or the product page, etc.


Step 1

Launch KeepMusic on your computer

Go to Download Center with the browser to install the KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter, then Launch it on your computer.

Step 2

Write review or make video

After testing out the program, you are able to write a review, publish a tutorial or make a YouTube video to share your experience.

Step 3

Submit the review or Video for approval.

Please email with the title "Review for KeepMusic Free License" and include a link to your review.

Step 4

Get a free KeepMusic license

It takes 3-5 working days for approval usually. Once your review, video is approved for publication, we will email you a free license immediately.

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