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How to Download YouTube Music to USB Flash Drive

Even today, people tend to use USB to backup and restore the files they value. A USB Flash Drive is an excellent physical way to offer a physical way to keep data safe. The thumb drive greatly facilitates viewing data as long as you put it on an electronic device with a USB port, which requires no internet connection. But things always go the opposite way. Streaming music services only allow listeners to download and store the music as caches in the cloud storage. You will be restricted access to data by the service provider. You can only offline play the downloaded caches when you have paid as a premium user. And here in today's topic, we will discuss how to download and back up your YouTube Music to a USB flash drive, so you can make more chances to play YouTube Music at your hand.

download youtube music to usb flash drive

Tool Required - KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter

KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter distinguishes itself by detailing the practical steps to export YouTube Music as real audio files in various formats, including MP3, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, WAV and FLAC, making YouTube Music accessible to many of those external drives which bear its compatibility, such as the USB Flash Drive in this article. The whole process requires no YouTube Music app since KeepMusic will directly download the songs from the web version of YouTube Music Player. Lovely, KeepMusic will keep the YouTube Music original sound quality as well as the vital ID3 tags. Furthermore, a 10X faster conversion speed will be remarkable when you process a bunch of playlists at one go. Below, we list you the main features that KeepMusic will bring to every user.

keepmusic youtube music converter

KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter

  • Workable for YouTube Free and Premium users.
  • Download YouTube Music to your PC or Mac.
  • Convert YouTube Music to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC.
  • 10X faster conversion speed is supported.
  • Preserve the original audio quality and keep the ID3 tags.
  • No need to install the YouTube Music app.
  • How to Download YouTube Music to USB with KeepMusic

    Step 1 Visit the YouTube Music Web Player

    Run KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter on your computer. Then click on the Open YouTube Music Web Player to access the web version of YouTube Music. Here you need to Sign in (button) with your YouTube Music account. You can go with your YouTube Free or YouTube Premium account.

    visit youtube music library

    Step 2 Customize YouTube Music Output Parameters

    If you plan to use the YouTube Music in different ways with various players, you can download the YouTube Music to diverse formats. On the Settings section, just select the format in the output format column. As for the output folder, you can directly tap the 3 dots and set it up to the path that is guided to the USB flash drive. You then complete the other output settings that you are accustomed to.

    Note: Since all the downloaded music will be directed to the computer's path. You can previously plug the USB into the computer when it will create a path specifically to access the contents of the USB on your PC. When the USB Flash Drive is successfully connected, you can locate the USB data by opening 'File Explorer' and clicking 'This PC' from the left pane. Naturally, you can set the USB path as the output folder in the converter output settings.

    set up youtube music output format

    Step 3 Select YouTube Music to Convert

    Now, open the playlist songs and tap the Add to list button when KeepMusic will read and put the songs onto the conversion panel. Selectively choose the songs you want by ticking off the box next to the title. If you further click the Save to list function after selection, the selected songs will be saved to the task list where you can put them to convert later. And if you tap the Convert Now button, KeepMusic will start to convert and download the songs that you selected just now.

    You can continue to open the next playlist and add the songs to the task list. Finally, open the task list which looks like a notebook icon in the top right corner, and you can check all the songs that you prepare to download. By tapping the Convert button to perform the conversion mission.

    add youtube music to convert

    Step 4 Check out Downloaded YouTube Music

    KeepMusic will convert the music at a rate that is 10 times faster than the playing speed. Also, here you can set it to open the output folder after converting and just leave the program alone until the process is finished.

    converting youtube music

    If all is done, and you can find the YouTube Music is ideally downloaded to the USB folder. When you finished all the music downloading, eject the USB from the computer.

    find downloaded youtube music

    Notes: The free trial version of the KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter enables you to convert the first minute of each song and convert 3 music files at one time. You can unlock the limitations by purchasing the full version.

    Summary: Bravo! You've got the ultimate way to jump the YouTube Music out of the cloud server and put the songs physically on your USB drive. If you attempt to apply to with a probability of offline playing YouTube Music on your vehicle, MP3 players even your outdated phones, the method we introduced in this article might be of essential consequence.